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    We treat people, not their chart.

Our Staff Include:

   Personal, reliable, and integrative support for our residents and members of your healthcare team.    

Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners


Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists

About Us

We stand behind each patient to ensure they are given the individualized time and care they deserve with their therapist or provider.  Providers at PPL are patient-driven and focused on the physical assessment, not just the patient's chart.

Our Mission

PPL Therapeutic Services is dedicated to providing mental health and therapeutic services to people across a wide array of settings; including: long-term and intermediate care facilities, hospitals, assisted living, and school districts.  We believe in treating each person on a unique, individual basis through physical assessment and the development of the patient-provider relationship on a personal level.   

Our Vision

Because of the successful interpersonal relationships created within PPL Therapeutic Services, clients are introduced to the possibility of achieving optimal health outcomes, thus enchancing their quality of life.

How We Differ

  • We firmly stand behind treating the patient as a whole, not just their medical chart.
  • Patient-centered medical and mental healthcare plans that meet each patient at their level of needs.
  • Assessing all needs of the patient in order to decrease or reduce medications.
  • Providing the patient and personal relationship with their provider, thus increasing trust in the patient-provider relationship.
  • Our staff develop and maintain relationships with residents, staff, as well as family members.

What We Offer

  • Electronic Health records in order to integrate with primary care physicians and other providers.
  • Psychotherapy in order to give the patient better insight on the emotions they are feeling.
  • Face-to-face assessments between each patient and their provider.
  • Providers base each plan and intervention on the physical interaction and assessment of each patient.
  • Optimal health can not be achieved until there is alignment between physical and mental well-being.

Mental Health Services Team


Mental Healthcare team to provide a complete and through assessment for each individual person.


Providing support for the patient and their family by meeting each person on their level of emotional and cognitive functioning.


Improve continuity of care for each patient by providing psychiatric recommendations to medical directors or primary care physicians.


Individualized behavioral plans and treatment regimens.

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