Psychological Services

The mental health challenges of the intellectually and developmentally disabled population are unique. Accordingly, appropriate psychological therapy calls for a specialized understanding of this group. In cases when patients have a lower level of cognitive ability and insight, psychological services primarily take the form of supportive therapy, coping skills guidance and replacement behavior training.

Working closely with the PPL therapists in other specialties, Dr. Jeffrey Hicks, founder of PPL, provides psychological interventions and therapy. Typically patients are referred to PPL’s psychological services staff by facility administrators or physical, occupational or speech therapists who feel that the individuals they support might benefit from additional psychological assistance.

By providing psychological support in tandem with other therapeutic services, PPL enhances the positive treatment outcomes for its clients, and helps them attain the highest level of independence and contentment.

PPL therapists offer a level of individualized attention the client may not get elsewhere.

- Dr. Jeffrey L. Hicks

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